Sunday, May 27, 2007

Baby Shower

It's been a few weeks since the last post, things always seem to get busy at the end of the school year. My mom has been here for about a week and it's been so wonderful having her here. She's been doing all my dishes and keeping my house clean! The best part though is just hanging out and talking with her.

My mother-in-law did a baby shower for me yesterday. It was so much fun and everything looked so cute! I know she's been working on it for a long time to make sure everything turned out well. I got some cute little dresses for Sofia and a lot of diapers! I'm so glad I won't have to be doing any diaper shopping while I'm here! Here are some pics from the party. Enjoy!

Monday, May 07, 2007

37 Weeks!! Sofia's almost here!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Everything's Good!

Well, I had my ultrasound on Thursday night and was shocked at how much my amniotic fluid levels have gone up. I was at 8cm ten days before and on Thur. it was up to 25.73cm! The doctor who did the ultrasound said the baby was swimming in there and I had enough water to give away! Guess all that drinking and trips to the bathroom paid off.

The only bad thing about the ultrasound is that the cord is now wrapped around the baby's neck. It's not tight but it's something we'll have to watch. He said I'd probably have to come back in two weeks to check if it was still around the neck before giving birth. Apparently, it's something that could require a C-Section, depending on a few factors. That would be just my luck....going full-term and still having to do a C-Section! :)

The other good news is that Sofia gained 13 ounces and 1 inch in the ten days between ultrasounds. She now weighs approx. 6 pounds, and is 18 inches long!

It seems like now it's just a waiting game. I'm so excited and anxious to see my little girl. Seeing her move during the ultrasounds is great, but just makes me that more eager to see her for real. I guess every mother feels this way at the end of pregnancy :)

Micah arrives home at about 1am tonight! It'll be so nice to have him home again. Plus, I told him he owed me a present for leaving me for 10 days when I'm this pregnant! :D Let's see if he remembered to bring me back something.

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