Friday, May 19, 2006

A little update

Not much has been going on here the last month. The school year is really starting to wind down, just about three weeks left to go. I've really enjoyed my first year of teaching ESL. I feel like I've definitely learned a lot! Micah's done really well with his first year of teaching High School classes and ESL. He's a natural at it.

I'm really looking forward to Susie's visit at the end of this month. She should arrive on the same day as Rachel, Micah's sister. It'll be fun to have some new faces around here and to be able to show Susie around Belém. She's been down in the south of Brazil but it's a whole different world up here. Belém has much more of an Indian influence and doesn't have much of the European influence that the south has.

We haven't really figured out our plans for this summer yet. We'll probably be spending a couple of weeks in Campinas, about an hour from Sao Paulo, where Micah will be working for his old company and I'll be taking some Portuguese classes. Micah just recently discovered a school here in Belém that offers Portuguese lessons which is really exciting. We're just waiting for them to send us information so that hopefully next semester I can begin taking classes. I have been really dissapointed this last year about not being able to find a school here that offers classes so this is a really wonderful surprise.

Subway's here!

The first Subway has opened in Belém! It takes us about 40 minutes by bus to get there but that definitely hasn't stopped us. Micah and I are crazy about Subway so this is really exciting. For those of you who have lived in another country you also know the excitement of finding something familiar so far away from home. I mean, we have McDonald's here but I never liked McDonald's much so it doesn't really count in my book.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Micah's Photo!

For those of you who don't know, awhile back the makers of this CD purchased the rights to use Micah's photo on their CD cover. Just recently we received a copy of the CD in the mail and it's so exciting to know that it's finally out in print. It's really incredible to see one of Micah's photos on a CD cover! A few different people have purchased this photo to use on internet sites, etc but this was the first time we got to see someone use it in print. Very cool stuff. I'm so proud of Micah and how much he continues to practice and improve as a photographer.
The name of the CD is The King of All of Me and it's a praise CD (obviously :) You can see it at

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